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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Does Sleep affect Weight Loss?

Question: I only sleep 5-6 hours each night. Is this really a big deal?

Expert Answer: Sleep is instrumental to good health and even weight loss. A disruption in your hormones and your different metabolic processes has all kinds of adverse effects. Your fat cells respond to the food you eat differently, based on your hormones. Sleep loss affects the level of certain hormones, putting your body in a position to gain weight.

Sleep loss also can cause a lack of desire to achieve goals because you feel fatigued and "run down." Sleep is also important in developing lean muscle tissue. When you work out, you are actually tearing your muscle - sleep and proper nutrients help re-build the muscle. Yes, sleep is a big deal!

Time Involved: At least 8 hours

Body Benefit: Energy, Improved weight loss, Balanced hormones, and more!

For more information on how sleep affects your ability to lose weight, CLICK here to read an interesting article on the subject.

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