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Monday, June 20, 2011

Congratulations Juan Aispuro!

Congratulation Juan Aispuro! You are our Biggest Loser! Juan is walking away with $1600.00 for losing 18.9% of his body weight over the past 10 weeks! Great Job!
Here's the Top 10!

1. Aispuro, Juan $1600-18.9%
2. Campos, Javier $640-17.5%
3. Vasquez, Lala $480-17.3%
4. Smith, Scott $320-16.2%
5. Lauck, Robin $250-14.3%
6. Kistler, RayDell $225-13.4%
7. Ramirez, Marisa $200-12.4%
8. Dahlquist, Darla $175-12.1%
9. Russell, Becky $150-11.4%
10. Pimentel, Lisa $125-10.5%

Enjoy your Summer Everyone! Hope to see many of you again in September when we kick off our next 10-week challenge! And in the meantime...


Instead of using your vacation as an excuse to abandon your healthy lifestyle, use your vacation to practice your healthy lifestyle!

You plan a vacation to give your mind a break from the monotony and stress of your daily life. Why not also use your vacation to give your body a break from the monotony of the same old exercise routine and the stress of dieting? Your body and your mind will thank you for it—and you may discover how to bring your vacation lifestyle back with you into your daily life.

Experience New Activities

Choose destinations that offer hiking, golf, tennis, water sports, skiing, or other opportunities for activity. Depending on your motivation and fitness level, you may wish to consider fitness-centered vacations such as fitness spas, yoga retreats, tennis camps, walking or cycling tours, adventure vacations, and other active destinations.

While traveling to your destination, walk around the airport and stretch during your flight. If you’re driving, take plenty of breaks to move around, stay refreshed, and enjoy the scenery.

No matter where you go, the hotel staff and other locals can provide advice and personal recommendations about nearby recreational opportunities. The owners of a bed and breakfast in Oregon suggested an early morning hike before our flight home. My husband and I tromped through a soggy forest, came across a family of deer, and finished on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We ended up with muddy shoes and great memories of our trip!

Take advantage of the hotel’s on-site exercise facilities, swimming pools, and walking maps to nearby attractions. Consider renting bikes to really see the area. Think about wearing a pedometer to see how many steps you rack up while sightseeing, strolling through museums or amusement parks, shopping, or walking on the beach.

When you’re visiting friends or family, join them for an evening walk, work out with them, or suggest a hike or walking tour of their favorite places. Instead of just going out for a meal together, suggest dancing, bowling, or other active pursuits. Your host will probably welcome the opportunity to stay active even while they have visitors.

Savor New Flavors

Instead of using your vacation as an excuse to eat too much, make it a point to really slow down and savor your food. Enjoy regional specialties, local products, and fresh produce. Skip the ordinary; vacations are a great time to experience new flavors and try new foods. And remember, there is no need to ruin a fabulous meal by eating so much that you are uncomfortable and regretful afterward.

If you’ll be eating out a lot, it helps to keep some of your daily meals light to balance the heavier ones. Carry healthy, satisfying snacks with you so you don’t feel trapped into buying something from a machine or fast food restaurant while you are on the go. Split an entree or dessert, and watch your alcohol intake. Remember to savor the whole dining experience including the atmosphere and the company—not just the food!

Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Make your vacation restful and truly restorative by leaving plenty of unscheduled time for relaxation. Practice deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, or tai chi – especially on the beach or other scenic outdoor locations. Arrange a massage or other body treatments to pamper yourself. Get enough sleep so you’ll be well rested and have plenty of energy for the rest of your activities.

A vacation provides many opportunities to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Even if you don’t have plans to travel, you can reenergize your healthy lifestyle choices by trying new activities, enjoying new foods, and making every day an experience to savor!

By Michelle May, M.D.

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