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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holidays.... UGH!

Yes, the holidays are coming. But that doesn't mean you have to gain weight. Here are 10 tips to help you stay slim over the holidays.

1. Just because it Christmas doesn't mean you have to give up your normal routine. If you normally have tea and an egg-white omelet for breakfast, then keep doing that over the holidays. Don't forget to go to the gym, also. But long brisk walks are just as good. Note: exercise reduces stress.

2. If you are running around all-day and are feeling very hungry, don't reach for the donuts. Instead, try some fruit. An apple, or a banana and a cup of green tea. As soothing cup of hot chocolate will also make you feel less hungry.

3. If you know you'll over do the sweets after a wonderful Christmas dinner, then skip one of the side dishes.

4. Don't overeat. We all like to try every dish in front of us, but you don't have to eat large portions. This was you won't be mad at yourself later.

5. If you don't want to eat continuously, take a break and do something else. Play with the children. Go for a walk.

6. If you're full, stop eating. Eating more and more and more will only cause you to put off stopping. Only eat 2 pieces of cake and then offer to help in the kitchen.

7. If you're out shopping all day, eat something. Don't starve yourself until dinner and then overeat. Get a snack that is high protein, low fat.

8. If you're going to a holiday party, don't fast all day. If you are that hungry you will eat a lot and quickly. So eat a normal meal during the day before you go to the party. At the party, eat small portions, and try not to eat seconds.

9. If you always eat a lot of the cookies you bake , try something else. Bake other treats that you don't care for.

10. If you travel during the holidays, pack drinks and snacks. Fruit, trail mix, power bars.

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