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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And the Winner Is....

Derick Holt! Derick lost 22.2% of his bodyweight for a grand prize of $1750.00! Semper Fi my friend! You're ready for the Marines now...but are they ready for YOU!!!???

1. Holt, Derick $1750.00 -22.2%
2. Hooker, James $700.00 -21.4%
3. Almarez, Martin $525.00 -21.1%
4. Baucom, Debbie $350.00 -17.9%
5. Holt, Rick $275.00 -17.2%
6. Parreira, Merry $200.00 -16.4%
7. Parreira, Joe $175.00 -15.4%
8. Turnbow, Juli $150.00 -14.4%
9. Yonano, Susan $125.00 -13.5%
10. Kelly, Julie $100.00 -12.8%

Thanks to all of you for a well fought battle. The 10 of you lost a combined 412 lbs! But more importantly, GREAT JOB setting into motion new healthy habits that have and will continue to make huge impacts on your overall health! All participant combined lost a total of 1284 lbs!

Next round of Biggest Loser starts January 3rd, 2011!

For those of you who have signed up for our 6-week Holiday Challenge: 50 people have signed up and we are on our way! Remember, no weigh-ins until January 3rd, but you will receive a weekly email with tips to help you stay on track at maintaining your weight during the holiday season.

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