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Monday, March 18, 2013

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations Nathan Ayala! You are Turlock's newest Biggest Loser!
For anyone who watched the standings, this is no surprise. Nathan was consistent in his reign over the #1 position most if not all of the challenge. His secret weapon? Lots and lots of running!

Here's the breakdown: (see % in column to the right)
1. Ayala, Nathan $1250.00
2. Jourdan, Stephanie $500.00
3. Gonzales, Alysia $375.00
4. Gumbs, Austin $250.00
5. Smith, Scott $150.00
6. Giffen, Jacob $134.00
7. Pierce, Jennifer $129.00
8. Willey, Laura $124.00
9. Perez, Peter $119.00
10. Gumbs, Jill $114.00

As a group, we lost 1060 lbs in 10-weeks!
42 people lost over 10 lbs... of those...
24 people lost over 15 lbs... and of those...
16 people lost over 20 lbs... and of those...
10 people lost over 25 lbs... and of those...
6 lost over 35 lbs... and of those...
4 lost OVER 50 lbs!

Great Job Everyone! Enjoy the next few weeks! Eat wisely.... exercise often.... and watch for details on our next 10-week challenge, scheduled to begin April 8th! More info will be coming to your inbox soon!

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