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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holidays Still Happen for Healthy, Thin People!

Why aren't we canceling weigh-in next Monday, you ask? Because really, who wants to come weigh-in on a holiday? Especially THE Holiday that ushers in the Summer BBQ season? The BBQ season that includes  potato salad, pasta salad, juicy fat steaks and homemade ice cream? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Because we need to stop making excuses for eating unhealthy. For eating too much. For throwing in the towel. The majority of people we look at admiringly, because they are thin and look faboulous in their shorts and tank tops, DO NOT simply have an over-active metabolism. Nope, the truth is, those folks we admire who are svelt and healthy are that way because they practice moderation. And if we only practice moderation during the week, when the distractions are few...what's the point? We are destined to fail until we can face these types of weekends and do them differently, right?

Think of yourself as a prize fighter, who is in training. Memorial Weekend is the Big Event. Are we going to throw in the towel, or show up for the fight?

Enjoy some boneless, skinless BBQ chicken. Juicy fresh strawberries. A big delicious salad. Some yummy roasted veggies... you can do this!

And YES, we are weighing in on Memorial Day. I'll be there to meet you at the scale. We can do this!

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