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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Excuses, Excuses...

One of the biggest hurdles to achieving fitness goals are the excuses that limit us mentally and physically.  In order to overcome these excuses, let's tackle them head on.  During the first weigh-in participants were asked to write down their biggest excuses for falling short of their health and fitness goals.  Some examples of our excuses follow:

Not having enough time to go to the gym.

Work keeps me busy.


Love sweets!!

Telling self, "Oh, I'll do it later."

Stressed out -- eating makes me feel better.

The first step in tackling these factors of life is to identify the problem, and then creatively find a solution that works for you.  After taking a few moments to think about it, our contestants came up with some solutions to their obstacles.

Work out at home; actively play with the kids.

Take 20 minutes during my work day to walk or stretch.

With injuries, take care to control portion sizes and count calories.  Also, find alternative work outs.  Swimming, eliptical, biking and rowing are all no to low impact.  There's a workout for what ails you.

Pre-plan and prep meals and snacks.

Set the alarm clock and just do it!!

Working out also makes me feel better.  I also have more energy when I work out.

Everyone who participated was entered into a drawing for a 7 day pass to Turlock Fitness Club (2705 Geer Road, Turlock).  Our three lucky winners are:

Jody Wyatt
Cristina Garcia
Scott Smith

Please collect your passes at weigh-in!! :)  Congratulations!!

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