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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workouts & Weight Loss Percentage

Our FREE morning workouts kicked off this morning with Emily Kern leading a great bootcamp style workout, really focusing in of some muscle groups that are guaranteed to be sore tomorrow! Thursday morning Darla Dahlquist is leading a circuit training group and Friday, we work out with Bob Harper (see below)! Everyone is welcome to attend these free workouts. They run Monday-Friday mornings at Monte Vista Chapel from 5:30am-6:30am. Same building as weigh-in.

We have almost 2 full days under your belts! How are you feeling? Hope you are all having fun looking up new healthier recipes to cook and fun new ways to get your exercise in.

A few people have asked HOW we calculate the % of weight lost for each team. Here is the equation:
     The total amount of weight lost by both teammates combined
                                                divided by
     The total starting weight of each teammate combined.
(you will need to then shift the decimal point to the right 2 spots to see the number as a percentage.

Example: Team A 
Team A's combined weight at the first weigh-in was 462lbs.
At week 1, they weighed in again and lost a combined total of 11 lbs.

11 dived by 462 = .0238
move the decimal over to the right 2 spots and you get 2.38& or 2.4% weight loss for Team A after week 1.

The good news for me is that we use a very reliable Excel spread sheet that calculates all of this for us! But for those that wanted to know...there ya go!

We'll have some great info to share tomorrow. check back then!

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