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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make a Better Choice

The winner of last weeks mini-challenge is Suzie Q! She one a copy of Coach Yourself Thin! This week's mini-challenge can be found in the box to the left.

IMPROVE YOUR SELF-TALKBelow you will find many of the excuses all of you use when it comes time to allowing yourself to make bad decisions around your health. Whether it has to do with food, or exercise, we justify our response to suit what we think we need at the moment. Well, next time you feel one of these excuses coming on, try one of the alternate responses you've supplied. You came up with these, let's put the more thoughful responses into action next time around!

EXCUSE: Just a little bit more isn't going to hurt me!
Nope, I don't need more. I'll have a healthy snack later.
God wants more for me and he can help me through this moment.
Every single choice makes a difference.

EXCUSE: I'll write it down in my journal later.
I am worth the extra time! Take the time for yourself and write it down!

EXCUSE: I'm too busy on the computer.
From now on exercise BEFORE i get on the computer!

EXCUSE: I'll just start on Monday.
If I start now I'll be further ahead!
Nope, I'll start right now!
Today is the right time!

EXCUSE: I don't want the kids leftovers on their plates to go to waste.
My kids need me healthy to take care of them and be around for them!

EXCUSE: It's too HARD!
One day at a time.

EXCUSE: I'm stressed and need to eat.
Drink water instead.

EXCUSE: I'm too busy right now.
I need to start earlier and prioritze. It's more important than anything else I'm busy doing!
Who said my workout has to be an hour? I'll do what i can.
Set aside the time because I am worth it!

EXCUSE: I'll take care of it later.
There's no time like the present.
Make time Now!
No time like the present!
I will take the time to work out sinstead of watching TV

EXCUSE: I'll do better tomorrow.
Make every day count!

EXCUSE: But it tastes soooo good!
It's killing me.
I'll find a healthy alternative instead.
It's not worth the taste.

EXCUSE: I'm too tired.
Wake up a little earlier and exercise in the am.
Go to bed earlier.
Exercise will improve my overall stamina.
Just GET UP!
Suck it up and get up! or just go to bed earlier!
You won't be soooo tired if you just DO IT!
Yes you are , but you can still make a choice.

EXCUSE: I'm hungry and this is all there is.
Don't eat it!. Plan ahead!

EXCUSE: I'm too stressed to exercise.
Exercise will help my stress!

EXCUSE: But my favorite show is on.
Exercise during commercials!

EXCUSE: Genetics...what's the use

EXCUSE: I don't FEEL like it.
I don't like how I feel in my clothes...so do it!

EXCUSE: The baby is sick so I can't get out to exercise.
Find something to do here at home.

EXCUSE: I'm my own person, i can do whatever I want.
Think about your future. Think about your wife and kids.

EXCUSE: I don't have time.
Make time!
Make time for what's important.
Plan ahead - You're worth it!
Schedule the time!

EXCUSE: I don't want to face my problems and this will halp me feel better.
Food doesn't fix problems. YOU fix problems.

EXCUSE: I'm too busy to cook. It's easier to eat out.
I need to eat healthier. It's worth the time to cook.

EXCUSE: I exercised so I can have this.
You don't NEED this.

EXCUSE: I like myself no matter what I look like.
Yes, I like me, butI'll live better and longer if I'm healthier.

And Finally.... I need chocolate.
No You Dont!

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