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Biggest Loser Turlock begins a new 12-Week Individuals Challenge on January 7, 2014! You’re making a commitment to lose weight, and we’re looking forward to supporting you along the way. Check in on our blog often for weekly results, mini - challenges, and tips to help you stay on track and lead a healthy lifestyle!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Why do I love this Biggest Loser Challenge?

"My doctor took me off ALL my medication. He said I don't need them anymore!"

"I'm no longer a diabetic."

"I haven't weighed this little since High School!"
(in tears)

These are just a few of the comments I listened to tonight. YOU all do this! Biggest Loser doesn't do it. YOU do. We give you a place to come in and step on a scale. We offer some accountability. We try to steer you in a healthy direction, but YOU DO THE WORK. And boy did you do it again during this challenge!

YOU lost over 1800 lbs as a group in 12 weeks!
YOU made a huge impact on your health!
50 of you lost more than a pound a week average!
35 of you lost more than 15 pounds!
27 of you lost 20lbs or more! (and I'm counting the couple of you that came in at 19.8lbs. You know who you are and you ROCKED it!)
18 of you lost more than 25 pounds!
14 of you lost more and 30 pounds!
8 of you lost more than 40 pounds!
One of you has lost more than 100 lbs since September!
Our top 3 all lost more than 65 lbs each!

1. Jenkins, Emmanuel -27.4%
2. Almarez, Martin -27.2%
3. Foreman, Maurice -24.0%
4. Jourdan, Stephanie -23.4%
5. Martin, Lynne -20.4%
6. Foreman, Amanda -17.6%
7. Giffen, Jacob -16.6%
8. Jerner, Kurt -15.0%
9. Larson, David -14.7%
10. Borrelli, Joseph -14.4%

Congratulations winners! (info will be coming to you tomorrow via email about how and when to pick up your prize $)

For the rest of you. I hope to see many of you again beginning on April 11th for our next Biggest Loser Turlock Challenge. (See info below for details). In the meantime, if you still owe penalty money from this round, you can bring it by the office at Monte Vista Chapel before 5pm on Thursday.

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