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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Results week 8

Before I get to week 8 results, I want to update all of you on what will be happening after we finish this round in 2 weeks...

BIGGEST LOSER 12-week Challenge: Kicks off Monday, January 3rd.
This next big challenge will run 12 weeks instead of 10, and by popular demand, we are bringing back the "Do Not Weigh" pass. Which means each participant will be given one "Do Not Weigh" pass at the beginning of the challenge that they can use to skip a weigh-in and avoid the penalty. This 12-week challenge will kick off on Monday, January 3rd and run through Monday, March 28th. The fee will remain $30.00 and aside from the "do not weigh" pass, all the rules will be the same as our current round. You can sign-up beginning this coming Monday.

BIGGEST LOSER 6-weeks of Christmas Challenge: Runs from our final weigh-in on November 22nd through our next initial weigh-in on January 3rd.
Here's how it works. There are no weekly weigh-ins for this maintenence challenge. The goal is to weigh no more than 1 lb heavier on January 3rd than you did on November 22nd. The only days you must be present and weigh in are November 22nd and January 3rd.
The challenge fee is $20.00

• If you weigh more than 1lb higher on January 3rd than you did on Nov. 22nd, then you win nothing and you $20.00 entry fee will be split among those who maintain or lose (see below)

• If your weight is up 1lb or less, or you have maintained, or lost additional weight during the 6 week challenge, you will get your $20.00 back... PLUS you will split all the fees that are forfeited by those in the first catagory with any others who were also successful.

- 50 people participate in the 6 week maintenance challege and pay $20.00 each
- The prize pot is $1000.00
- Of those 50 people, 18 maintain their weight or lose weight during the challenge and 32 gain more than
1 lb and forfeit their chance at a prize.
- The payout would be calculated this way... 32 x $20.00 = $640.00 forfeited
$640.00 divided by 18 winners = $35.55 ea.
$35.55 + initial $20.00 refunded = $55.55 ea.
PLUS you maintained your weight during the toughest season!

I'll have info and sign-up sheets for both challenges this coming Monday at weigh-in. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

And here are your TOP ten through week 8
1. Holt, Derick -18.0%
2. Almarez, Martin -17.8%
3. Hooker, James -15.8%
4. Baucom, Debbie -14.2%
5. Holt, Rick -13.8%
6. Parreira, Merry -13.5%
7. Turnbow, Juli -11.7%
8. Parreira, Joe -11.4%
9. Ainslie, Brett -10.2%
10. Lellhame, Sabrina -9.8%

MINI CHALLNEGE FROM LAST WEEK: We had 21 participants lose over 2lbs last week, and the lucky winner, drawn from those 21 names was Merry Parreirra. Merry wins a copy of the new Biggest Loser Desserts Cookbook!

And just a little more general housekeeping... we have 2 weeks remaining, with our final weigh-in for this challenge on November 22nd. As a reminder, if you owe any outstanding penalties, please come prepared to pay them off next Monday or on the 22nd. The top 10 winners will be paid via check on Friday, November 26th... I will arrange a time for you to pick up your winnings that day, or bring the check to you.

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