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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You can use a regular notebook for your food journal. It does not need to be a special journal that is made just for dieting. A basic notebook will give you the room to customize your journal to your specific needs. This is very important for food journaling success.

Food journaling should be something that is done everyday. It is important to note the date and the time of day at the top of each journal entry. This is a basic step for everyday to make sure that you can reference your journey later on to see how well you have progressed. You can make posts after each meal to make sure that you do not forget to enter your food.

Food Entries

When it comes to food journaling, the more specific you are in the details when you enter your data, the more successful that you will be. You will want to write down everything that you eat and the amount of food that you eat. It is important to include everything from what you drink to the butter that you place on your roll. This is the only way that you will get an idea about how many calories that you consume during the course of the day.

Food journaling is about listing everything that you eat, not just meals. Any time that you snack, you will want to list it in your food journal. By being honest with yourself and your food journal, you will see the greatest weight loss results.

Entering More Than Food

As you write about what you are eating, think about what you were feeling when you ate. Were you hungry or were you bored? By noting your emotions and feelings in your food journal, you will begin to see patterns in how you eat. To lose weight, you only want to eat when you are hungry. By identifying other emotions that cause you to eat, you will be able to eliminate them from your diet and life.

Food journaling is a tool that will help you to evaluate and track your diet. This is a key factor in being successful when it comes to any diet plan. You need to be able to hold yourself accountable for what you eat and to see your progress as you go through your weight loss plan.

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